Our Story


Carlos Granon

Carlos Granon, a rock-climbing enthusiast and the founder of Topologie, created the brand to symbolize his passion for endless expeditions to the most remote crags and mountains of our planet. Topologie brings the authentic climber spirit into each product and emphasizes the quest for inner balance and self exploration.

We make urban life better, elegantly.

We escape daily routine. We believe every day in the city is a new exploration.

Inspired by rock climbing gear, Topologie takes the aesthetics of functional objects to create everyday accessories for your city adventures.

It all started with a climbing rope and a pulley.

Founded by rock-climbing enthusiasts, Topologie sees beauty in the perfect harmony of form and function inherent in climbing gear. It all started with the idea that a climbing rope and a pulley could be miniaturized to create a bracelet; the result was stunning and we put a name to it: The Yosemite Bracelet. Emboldened by this initial success, we explored the aesthetics of climbing bags and imagined how they could be adapted for our urban adventures.This led to the design of our first collection: the iconic Chalk Bag, the Rope Bag, the Multi-Pitch Bag, and the Haul Bag.By bringing the adventurous spirit of rock-climbing into our products, we remind users to push themselves to their limits every day with courage and a sense of exploration. Even when their adventures are in the city.

Design Philosophy

No millimetre is wasted.

In rock climbing, every item is a perfect blend of form and function. Every item serves the purpose it was made for. Every item is the exact solution for a specific situation. There's no room for error, no room for fuss. No millimetre is wasted.

Topologie is guided by these unique design principles to create precise and beautiful objects for urban explorers.

Our Bracelets

Available in 2 styles and 6 finishings

All Topologie buckles are made from brass with jewelry-grade, hypoallergenic IP-plating, ensuring the durability of your bracelet.

The beauty of raw brass

The raw brass buckle is specially designed without additional finishing. It takes on the ruggedness in mountain climbing gear to allow the metal to age naturally, developing its patina unique to your journey. 

Japan-made climbing cord

The Topologie bracelets pay homage to the rock climbing hardwares, each carefully designed with a special finishing combining Japan-made climbing cords to accompany you for years to come.

Our Bags

Rock Climbing gears inspired

The Topologie bag collection reinterprets the essential rock climbing gear to create various unique alpinist-inspired bags with clean and streamlined silhouettes which fit to your needs wherever your adventure takes you.

High quality materials

Ultra lightweight and durable materials to accompany you for years to come.

Weather proof

Water-repellent fabrics and zippers protect your belongings from the elements as you explore both urban and wild.