Matching Couple Bracelets

Matching His and Hers Couple Bracelets

Topologie's Yosemite & Kalymnos makes a perfect pair of matching couple bracelets. 

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Couple Bracelets

The perfect and unique gift for your significant other & loved ones. His and hers, matching couple bracelets let you feel associated with your boyfriend, girlfriend, sweetheart everyday. The couple bracelets reminds you of each other.

Most Popular Couple Bracelets

Among all custom mix & matches, the most popular set of bracelets for couples consists of black melange Yosemite & Kalymnos bracelet. A great pair of matching bracelets shows the romantic relationship and helps couples in long distance relationships. 

Rock Climbing Inspired Couple Bracelets

The Topologie matching couple bracelets pay homage to the rock climbing hardwares, and are designed with a special finishing combining Japan-made climbing cords to accompany you and your lover for years to come.

Couple Bracelets as Distance Bracelets

Bracelets for couples are being more prevailing in the market, especially to the younger generation. Many of them live from a distance, and the boyfriend and girlfriend distance bracelets make easy statements to show love without taking a too aggresive stance. Couples will enjoy wearing couples bracelets as it serves as a constant reminder or touch of their partner.

Couple Bracelets as alternative to Jewelry

In terms of couple accessories, many may consider jewelry. However, if your budget is lower or you wanted something else, couple bracelets are definitely a good choice.